Resilient Nature

Trifecta is excited to announce our Fall quarter exhibition “Resilient Nature ” featuring the collaborative works of glass artists Demetra Theofanous & Dean Bensen.

Our curatorial focus is the transformation of the season and Fall’s reminder of how beautiful it is to let things go. Demetra’s exquisite woven glass technique depicts the cycle of life: growth, discovery, change and renewal. This exhibition will feature her collaborative works with Dean Bensen. These decaying leaf wall installations offer space for reflection on impermanence and vulnerability.

Demetra notes, “my basket series is an evolution from nests, or habitats, to vessels and continues to build upon the notion of transformation of self. Containment is utilized as a metaphor for the human experience, contrasting protection and constraint, and the ultimate consequence on our personal path and growth.” Join Trifecta: Glass – Art – Lounge as we connect with nature and examine our relationship with natural form through these incredible, contemplative works of art.

Opening October 19th – Jan 13th

October 19th join us for an evening of live glassblowing, beautiful art viewing and craft cocktail sipping.

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